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Ivy Escapades

:: FLOSS, Racket, Ivy

I recently got the bright idea of adding SVG support to Ivy, and there was a library written for librsvg already, so I figured why not. The problem is that to get it working properly on Windows, I would need to compile and package not just librsvg, but also its dependencies. Of course this means for the next three or four weeks I would subject myself to literal hell, but hey - nothing ventured, nothing gained. I eventually managed to get help through the mailing list, which ended up in me using a precompiled 32-bit zip that had everything I needed. It works, but man, all the work I did feels like it was for nothing.

Racket v6.5 Credits

:: FLOSS, Racket

I found out - rather belatedly - that Racket version 6.5 was released but what interested me most was the credits section.

Turns out I contributed enough to the project to get my name listed on the official blog! I can’t say I think what I did warranted this honorable mention, but I’ll take it.

First-Taught Stubbornness

:: Racket, lojban

I have noticed that when I am taught something a certain way and then am told "you could do it that way, but here’s another way...", I tend to stick to the first way stubbornly.

Now Using Frog

:: Racket

Instead of using the Scribble manual format to post information, instead I’ll be using frog to write things.


Happy Birthday Blight

:: Racket, Tox, Blight

Happy Birthday Blight! One year ago, April 5th, 2014, I created the repository for Blight in an attempt to test my wrapper for Tox. Fast forward to the present and it’s a functioning, featureful chat client! My, how time flies…